Flight in Voronovo

Voranava or Voronovo (Belarusian: Воранава, Russian: Вороново, Polish: Woronów, Lithuanian: Voranavas) is a town in Belarus, in Grodno Region. It is the administrative center of the Voranava district. It is located about 32 km (20 mi) from Lida and 13 km (8 mi) from the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. (from wikipedia).

Flight above Grodno Fortress Fort #1

Grodno fortress – fortification system around the city of Grodno, functioned as a fortress of the Russian Empire, the German Empire and the Republic of Poland. Grodno fortress consisted of a large number of fortifications, among which the central place occupied by the forts. Forts of Grodno fortress surrounded the city of Grodno on all […]